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My new Growth Guidebook: “Designer Woman: Emerge Now” is here!! 


Setbacks in life can be devasting experiences that inevitably shape who you are. Nonetheless, setbacks can also become powerful forces that awakens you to your own aliveness. 


Setback recovery involves learning to see yourself again and embracing the new normal; allowing you to trust in your capacity for new growth. In order to grow, we must embrace the journey, good or bad, and make use of our suffering in order to find the new YOU.


Within these pages, you will find an invitation to see yourself in a new way, on a new journey of your own. This journey involves walking into the darkness on a quest for wholeness. This interactive format calls for journaling and self-reflection, with practices that guide you beyond the pain of your past and help you discover a sense of meaning and purpose in your life. Successful navigation of a new journey provides opportunities to discover and rediscover that you are more powerful than you had previously realized.

Designer Woman: Emerge Now

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